About Me

I’m a software developer / architect based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

At the moment my preferred tools of choice are C#, Python and Node.JS. Although it really depends on the project (I have been known to use others).

At the moment I’m wrapping up a large IBM Mainframe Assembler to C# code conversion (in the context of an even larger legacy transformation exercise). This project definitely gave me an appreciation for the elegance of the original OS/360 instruction set.

Professionally I have (up until now) mostly been exposed to

  • Automated Software Modernization (language parsers, conversion tools, …)
  • Cloud Computing (microservices, distributed architecture, …)
  • Geospatial Software Development

But my interests are wide, as long as I can find a deep technical challenge.

Email: christophe [at] diericx [dot] net.

Github: https://github.com/christophediericx/